"Thanks to Children of Lima, I have had the opportunity to help several times and this was one of my best experiences while in Peru. I met with amazing people and shared unique moments. The community is very modest, which is why they need help. I was able to help with the clearing of access roads, food delivery, child care, moving furniture and the construction of a day care center. I truly loved it and I wish all those who like to volunteer to do the same."

(Delphine, France)


"To understand Peru, both present and historical, you have to see the "New Towns", "Human Settlements" growing around Lima. High up on a hillside looking down on the city, people are building their own community. Streets, staircases, childrenĀ“s nurseries. There is little help from the government here. Water arrives by truck to the top of the road, and is carried further to the topmost houses. Only a few places have electricity, installing their own wiring to route it up the hillside. But every Sunday members of the community meet to work together, and you can volunteer to join them. To do so offers powerful symbolic support for a people whose own government, and the wealthy of Lima, largely choose to ignore."

(John, United Kingdom, living in Lima)