Construction of wawawasis (day care centers)

Day care centers are one of the foundations of any new community in the hills around Lima. They provide a safe environment and healthy food to the children, while allowing their parents to get a job. Day care centers are managed by ladies of the local community.

Construction of comedors (community kitchens)

Community kitchens provide healthy meals to the people in need at minimal cost (or for free). They also ensure distribution of meals to the children in the day care centers. Community kitchens are managed by ladies of the local community.

Support of local schools

Public education is free in Peru. Many schools however operate with a very small budget, sometimes less than USD 1,000 per year. With this money, they need to take care of school materials and infrastructure maintenance. Major reparations are often postponed, resulting in dangerous situations for the children and the school staff.

Water provisioning

Lima is based in a desert where it never rains. The hills around the city, where the pueblos jóvenes are located, are dry, rocky and sandy and not connected to the water provisioning network. Water trucks deliver water to small barrels, which is a risky and expensive endeavor. Families often spend 40 to 50% of their monthly income on water. We are investigating options to capture water from the fog as well as providing larger water containers which significantly reduces the proportional cost of water.

Education support

Depending on specific needs, we act in different ways, e.g.:

  • Provide nutritional education to ensure healthy feeding of the youngest.
  • Provide financial support to ensure school attendance (e.g. bus tickets, meals,...).
  • Provide different activities to motivate teenagers to obtain a degree.

All projects are defined and implemented together with the local communities,
with sustainability being a key requirement