Educational and sensibilisation programs to raise awareness

We have developed several packages that can be used in schools (ages 5 and upwards) to learn about Peru and the specific challenges that the communities in the pueblos jóvenes are facing. This includes several educational and fun activities as well as video- and photo-supported presentations.

Fundraising activities to collect money

Together with our friends and supporting organisations and schools, we are organizing different activities and events. We can provide support materials to organisations and companies that are interested in setting up an event to raise funds for our projects.

Volunteering opportunities

We often have volunteering possibilities for individuals and/or groups that are willing to help us in the field. These opportunities vary depending on the specific projects that are on-going as well as on the competencies and interests of our volunteers. We don’t work for but with the local people, in agreement with the local leaders and in full respect of the culture and traditions of the communities we support. Volunteering opportunities can be ad hoc (for Lima-based people) or for a defined period (also for international volunteers).

Successful delivery of our projects requires awareness, money and hands.
Please contact us to discuss any of the above.