Children of Lima is a Belgian non-profit organisation, founded by a family of 5 teenagers and their parents. Alexandre, Florence, Louise, Clotilde and Guillaume Cools (from left to right) are students with diverse interests but with one passion in common: solidarity with people in need.

In 2014, Louise and our father spent 10 days in Peru and walked the inca-trail, arriving in Machu Picchu. Having fallen in love with the country, Louise returned to Peru early 2016 for a 3-month ecovoluntary project in the jungle, near Puerto Maldonado (Panthera Sanctuary). On his way to visit her, our dad spent a day in Lima. He took the opportunity to visit Villa El Salvador, where he met with a remarkable man born and raised himself in the shanty town. Edwin Rojas is the son of one of the women leaders who established the model of solidarity and self-management in Villa El Salvador. Through a small organisation he has created and is managing, he supports families who need it most, directly on the ground. We were immediately impressed by Edwin’s work in the poorest areas around Lima and as a family, after several contacts with the local communities, we wanted to act.

We successfully completed our first few projects and decided to structure ourselves for the long run. Our non-profit organisation « Children of Lima » was officially created early November 2016. Our association is totally independent from any political or religious organisation and respects all backgrounds, convictions and opinions from people that want to make this world a better place.